Poking Dead things With Sticks

A Sickening development.


After accepting an offer to look into the destruction of the Slipper Market in the Tangles district of Carrion Hill the group spoke with guards, a drug addled witness and examined the scene. The three whole bodies they were able to look at were twisted and broken, one of the Lord Garus’s men in fact was wrung physically much like a dish rag, metal armor, weapons and all.

The floor of the building that was known as “Old Man Marshan’s” house was covered in a sickening black tar like substance. A smell like nothing anyone in the party has ever witnessed before. The ruined furniture was littered with bits of many bodies, all strangely bloodless but still from a fresh kill. The house had a staircase, recently cleared of old debris, that headed down into the catacombs under the city itself. It appeared the creature that ultimately destroyed the building came up from there but did not return the way it came.

The stairs quickly changed to an older design of Taldan design, leading to an old tomb for followers of Aroden. The tomb led on to another staircase leading deeper down as well as to another room that was oddly blocked off by rubble, after clearing it the group found a campsite area that people had been sleeping along with a doorway that was barricaded from the back, after a lot of work they managed to push it open to find a elf standing perfectly motionless and three dark creepers who were quickly overpowered. The elf, although unmoved during the whole situation, unblinking, unbreathing, a slight look of surprise on his face while his hands are held up in front as if reading an invisible book was of course almost targeted by the barbarian.

Murder hobos.

Today is: Toilday, 19th of Desnus
Weather: Raining steadily, Stormy
Moon: Third Quarter
The Professor has been dead 74 days.
The Funeral was 57 days ago
XP: 1,028



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