Poking Dead things With Sticks

Asylum updates.


After liberating Ploog, the partially lobotomized would be guard, Dolgin led the way down the southern hall, opening two barred doors. The second door opened into a large cavern with a lake in the center that was adorned with fungus, unfortunately there was also a danger within, an amorphous outsider that set upon him as soon as possible.

Jik did what he could to try and protect Niri as she dug in her satchel for something useful, Usas set a flaming sphere echoed in spirit by Aegeth who rained a hail of flaming arrows over the heads of her companions, striking the creature multiple times, all the while it launched attacks on Dolgin with tiny sharp claws it conjured to being in its mass while Dolgin sliced his axe through it repeatedly, watching it reform around the cuts as it advanced. Finally it stilled its attacks, the power of the group having laid it to rest at their feet.

Niri, having pulled her vial out as it fell took the time to douse it with the chilling alchemical substance anyway. She got the last word in that battle.

Further exploration of the asylum lower level showed a few patients still locked up along with a good many empty cells. The surgery room, where Jik believes they have been performing the lobotomies that Ploog suffered, as well as the rest of the orderlies employeed by Crove, was also uncovered. Ploog refused to follow into that room, for obvious reasons.

Other than a few more incriminating books, papers and freed patients there has been little else of note located. Having defeated Crove who was running the asylum there is a growing need to report the findings and to get someone else to run the hospital for the remaining patients, who knows the last time they were fed?

((Dates are going to be a little wonky from old posts, we have a set calendar in Fantasy Grounds that is being utilized now that is going to keep track slightly differently. Month and days are accurate, day of week and moon cycle may be questionable and not match up. Pretend its always been like this. It’s MAGIC!))

Today is: Starday, 20th of Desnus
Weather: Raining steadily, Stormy
Moon: Waning Gibbous
The Professor has been dead 75 days.
The Funeral was 58 days ago



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