Poking Dead things With Sticks

B&E at V&G


Hergstag rests. The group was able to find and defeat all six wraith children and the full wraith that had created them. You have managed to find some good evidence that the Beast had done little but be in the wrong place at the wrong time, how the court views it later on only time will tell.

After a few mishaps and recovery of the children’s corpses, you started a less than legal investigation into the mysteries uncovered with the Chymists Vorkstag and Grine. So far you have found that the guard dog was not meant just for looks.

What else awaits inside?

Fireday 24th of Gozran 4711, wee hours of the morning
XP: 2,500

In error I misread how heal with the Spelless Ranger works. I also missed the fine print under ACTIONS on the Heal skill itself.
Treating Deadly Wounds heals 1 point per level of the creature, Spelless Rangers add an additional 1d6 to this. UNFORTUNATELY doing this takes 1 HOUR of work. As such I had to remove the 7 HP that Nightstorm recieved from this. The previous mistake the session before on Usas is negated as the Priest healed and channeled all over and the little bit of healing she recieved from this would have been taken care of from that. She will be eligible still for the Ranger, or someone else, to use this skill in this manner at some point within this 24 hour stretch as it couldn’t have happened in the time frame.



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