Poking Dead things With Sticks

Books can broaden your mind.


Exploration of the tunnels directly under “Old Man Marshan’s” house have proved a bit more dangerous than our adventurers first thought, even with the shredded corpses strewn about.

After Usas identified the spell holding the elven male hostage and successfully dispelled the effect he offered some information, for a price, and teleported away before the dwarf waved his axe in the fellows face one too many times.

The information panned out, leaving the group owing the informant another 400 gold, when they located the main altar deep under the city. The bodies of two cultists lay torn and twisted and as Jik tried to get a better look a ghoul got the jump on him, taking him down within seconds. The others did their best to assist but it was divine intervention that kept the little priest from slipping off to his Lady’s judgement. Niri was able to assist after the foul creature was dispatched by way of a healing wand.

Among the loot laying about was a small, odd book with a clever little closure that looked like insect limbs clinging tightly to a odd gem in the center. Niri was able to open it unleashing a wave of maddening whispers in the area, unfortunately shattering both her and Jushyn’s minds . The group had to deal with an insane ranger and rogue before they could continue on, using Nightstorm to take down his master and pin him with his large bulk and Comidus managed to tie up Nirinara while she was babbling and having a moment of calm. Everyone decided to take a break to get the two afflicted to a healer strong enough to remove the taint, with the re-closed book safely tucked into Dolgin’s haversack.

Upon returning to the streets of Carrion Hill everyone was made aware that although the Crows had been trying to keep the circumstances quiet the news spread fast and people were trying to leave the city in a rather unorganized panic. The Crows were barely keeping things under control in respect to people crowding the carriage houses and attempts at riots and looting.

Upon reaching the Ossuary Temple in the Crown of Carrion Hill most of the clergy were handling the remains from the attacks that day in preparation for burial. One senior cleric by the name of Lynnica Istran was able to cure Nirinara, but sadly was not strong enough for a second casting of the needed spell. She promised to assist in the morning when she was again gifted with Pharasma’s blessings and after some time talking back and forth with Jik accepted an offer to come speak of what was going on at the Inn where the group was staying, carrying on the conversation up into his room for most of the evening.

After dinner the elven male came to collect his payment, Aegeth went to meet with him and they ended up going back and forth other bits of intel. Aegeth was able to get some of the information she was looking for in coming this way,for a price to be paid now and another to be paid and named later. As part of this arrangement the elf, who goes by the name Seran, was willing to use Share Memory, to show her exactly what the item she is seeking looks like and its true nature.

Usas had cast Message on Aegeth before she went in and had her familiar, Nasta, sitting by the door so most of Aegeth’s half of the verbal communication was able to be relayed to the rest of the party.

The group still needs to report back to the Mayor, get Jushyn (who is currently tied ass up on the bed in his room with the wolves and Comidus watching over him) healed and find out exactly what is going on here and what the Whispering Way had to do with it all.

Good luck.



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