Poking Dead things With Sticks

Hergstag. The investigation that will not die.



Not exactly how anyone could have envisioned it. Abandoned, run down, taken over by unruly crops, seeping bogs with quicksand and roaches. The darkness deepens in some areas as you find what was left of the murdered children, undead mockeries that are still intent on finding someone to play with.

The sisters you spoke to seemed to have forgotten to warn you about a last security measure the town folk had put in place, a scattering of bear traps, ready to catch an unwary foot. The children remember though, and have been trying to lure their new playmates into them so they can keep them there just a little bit longer.

The night is long and tedious. Stumble through brush, disarm traps, destroy tiny undead monsters, repeat, repeat, repeat.

This is NOT what you signed up for.

So far you were able to locate a book of poetry in a burned out abandoned building, in addition to this you found Karin’s house which seems to be boarded up.

Hopefully this is worth it all in the end.

Today’s Date: Oathday 23rd of Gozran 4711, Late, Late Evening
XP: 3800



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