Poking Dead things With Sticks

The Spawn of Yog-Sothoth is nothing to sneeze at...


Hearing the sounds of destruction and a cry of Yog-Sothoth as the last Keeper fell the party realized things were about to get a lot more dangerous and immediately sprang into action looking for a way out other than the way they had come in. None were located so they began to prep for facing what was coming their way.

Aegeth lit a torch and prepped a spell from a scroll as Jik dropped the water level to a depth of 2 feet and started passing around party favors, Usas readied lightning bolt, Dolgin pushed the corpse of a violet fungus off the edge of the ledge he was perched on and then used it to lessen the drop for him to get down to the bottom of the pit while Niri eyed the remaining fungus that seemed to be interested in the new lack of water between them and the tasty morsels that had managed their way into their lair.

Then it came, on a wave of black ichor and undulating tentacles. It managed to get as far as the wall, climbing as easily as a spider until it was hit with the full force of the party….and a jar of Dust of Sneezing and Choking.

It was brilliant and brutal.

Clever murderhobos.

With the fall of the Spawn the rain has stopped, the sun is shining and the crows are crying out and taking wing. The City of Carrion Hill is safe, for now.

Today is: Toilday, 23th of Desnus
Weather: Raining steadily, Stormy
Moon: Last Quarter
The Professor has been dead 78 days.
The Funeral was 61 days ago



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