Poking Dead things With Sticks

The trial begins!


After a late night visit to the swamp village of Morast the party was able to start the investigation into the very first crime the Beast is being tried for, the murder and disappearance of 10 people a year ago.

After speaking with Lazne, the village elder of Morast, you were able to get a very basic desription of what he had seen of the creature that had been stalking his villagers, murdering them and dragging them off in the night. Although the being had similar height and size of the Beast, it was injured during the villagers attempt to trap and kill it and bled. Something you know a construct made of dead parts with no beating heart should not be capable of doing.

After renting enough boats to carry the lot of you up the river to the Boneyard, the last place the Beast was seen by Lazne and the Morast Villagers, you found 6 empty graves, a bloody bottomed boat, an old campsite with the remains of food, wine and the remnants of an alchemists extract of darkvision, a sack large enough to carry a medium sized humanoid deeply stained with blood that held a rusted shovel, a human face,a set of clothes and some heavy knives. Niri also managed to locate a very fine set of surgical tools bearing a makers mark of a raven in flight. The mark should be traceable.

Knowing constructs such as the accused have darkvision, it seems that whoever was lurking here was not in fact the beast but an alchemist of some sort.

In addition to the investigation the group was surpsrised to find they were not alone, a manticore had claimed the small island the Boneyard was located on as it’s nesting site since the people of Morast abandoned it after the being they chased off tainted it with it’s blood. The group was able to defeat the angry mother and although Jik attempted to free the young from death it was not of a viable age to survive outside of the comfort of it’s mother’s womb. Examination of the nest found the remains of a dwarf the manticore killed and brought to lunch on at her leisure.

Returning the boats to Lazne and showing him the disembodied face and clothing he was able to identify it as Nan Klebbum, an poacher that used to visit once a month before they ran the Beast off.

You managed to get back to Lepidstadt and get settled into the Inn of the Six Ravens by 3:30 am, trial starts at 10am sharp. Good luck!

Today’s Date: Oathday 23rd of Gozran 4711



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