Poking Dead things With Sticks

Two survivors.....


Two survived when Neska’s troops passed through the town of Feldgrau. Ulcris Sedimir, the Inn Keep that gave them lodging who hid himself when he realized what his nights guests were doing to the innocents and Auren Vrood, an eight year old boy that had been trapped under a pile of corpses in the slaughter and survived to return eighteen years later.

Ulcris seeks redemption, and has told the group that since Auren Vrood has a connection to the area he will be able to harvest his memories to assist them, if they can bring him his head.

The battle against Adimarus proved no match for the group, between Usas’s information on how to deal with infernal corrupted beings, Nirinara’s skill with stealth and hitting one where it hurts, Jushyn’s skill with his bow and the growing power of the Pharasmin childlike Priest, he barely got more than a swipe in before he fell.

Now if the Prince’s Wolves hold up their agreement to assist in clearing out the necromancers, the spirits of Feldgrau may find peace at long last.

Fel: “You smell good.”
Jushyn: “I’m not sure if you are hitting on me or want to eat me.”

Today is: Starday, 16th of Desnus, going into early evening
Weather: Cool, gray, misty and foreboding
Moon: Waning



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