Poking Dead things With Sticks

Wight out conditions.....


The party successful with the overtaking of the town square agreed to move onto the armory next. Jik was able to ascertain there were 9 undead wights waiting within and after a few fearful moments they were dispatched accordingly with his protection against the life energy draining effects and the wolves assistance on thinning out their numbers.

Upon inspection there was a magical belt of giant strength on the leader of the wights and a clay jar containing marvelous pigments that can make any mundane thing created with them appear into reality. In addition to these magical findings the group located what remained of previous pack leader Kvalca Sain, a portion of her heart was floating in some foul embalming fluid. Jik was able to retrieve it and purify it so it may assist the Prince’s Wolves in their attempt to soothe the chaos that the Whispering Way left behind in the Shudderwood and after first trying to ransom the heart back to the Sczarni and then flat out accusing them of being craven in removing themselves to return the heart to the wood Birelli, Fell and Fifika stayed with the party while the half Kellid Donani, Lumas and Lasho all transformed into wolf form and ran back the way they had come with the gruesome trophy.

The tower being all that stands between the group and the vile necromancer that had come to drag the victims of the War without Rivals from what little rest they could have and enslave them, Usas borrowed Nirinara’s ring of invisibility to scout out the top of the ruins, she was able to get the general lay of what remained of the uppermost level of the tower and found 8 skeletal champion archers waiting to pepper anyone who entered the building and passed below with arrows. While trying to decide on the best course of action upon returning, quiet little Aegeth took it upon herself to draw her bow, knock an arrow and let it loose up over the remaining stone masonary to the tower, upon impact a frothy white mist began rolling over the rocky face from within, ensuring the party would not need worry about being seen by the ambush waiting to greet them.

The door proved a most impressive barrier, the years and war met it head on and still it stayed true, the group however managed to work together to force it open. The darkness inside however held other horrors. Upon entering and removing a makeshift blanket wall Dolgin was beset upon by a small army of animated corpse hands. Their putrid flesh was too much to withstand after an attempt to dispatch them, the resulting spray of putrid fluid was enough to leave him gagging for a few moments, giving them the upper hand, forgive the unintentional pun, where they grappled not only him but Jik as well. Niri was able to avoid being hit by their corruption but Jushyn in an attempt to get the abomination off of the healer was hit soundly, suffering the full effects and being unable to do more than try to not vomit on his companions.

The hands were not the only threat lurking however, a dark cloaked figure emerged into view. His pallid skin, bone breastplate and staff capped with a gagged skull mark him easily as the one you sought in coming here. This was no consolation however as his first greeting to you was nothing more than to unleash his murderous intent. He let free a cloud of pure poison, obscuring the view of those that were caught in its path and inflicting damage and death to those it touched, the Prince’s Wolves hit the ground, those closest to them can see no life left in their eyes, their bodies reverting to their human forms to walk these lands no more.

Today is: Sunday, 17th of Desnus
Weather: Clear, the wind is still as the grave
Moon: Waning
The Professor has been dead 72 days.
The Funeral was 55 days ago
XP: Being held until the end.



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