Poking Dead things With Sticks



Character blurb submitted by Nirinara’s player

She curiously prowled the market, her eyes trying to take in as much as possible as it was her first chance to do so since she had arrived in town. The weather was a bit depressive, but she had withstood quite a bit more than poor weather recently, so she hardly paid it any mind.
From stall to stall she moved, not staying too long as she browsed. She was bound to have a day or so yet to decide if she wanted to buy anything, or so she figured.
She lingered at a stall that seemed to carry some alchemy supplies, checking if there was anything she thought Jik might like. As she looked around she caught sight of a set of tools that seemed a bit unlike what she had seen in Jik’s lab. Intrigued, she took a closer look and the shopkeep spoke up about the kit in question:
“I’ll admit I aquired that particular set of tools more out of curiousity than an interest in applying their use to my trade. Perhaps they might better suit you, or someone you know better than I.”
She found herself a bit torn. She had certainly made impulsive purchases before, but there was a good chance these items would just take up space in the end.
The shopkeep seemed to sense a sale slipping from him and pulled book out from under the counter, merely titled: Thundering steel.
“This might be of some use. In fact, I’ll throw in this book at the cost I paid for it alongside the tools. It could go for quite a bit on its own otherwise. Here, have a look or two inside”
She hesitantly took the book and paged through it. The illistrations, no, schematics within were quite impressive and kindled a sense of wonder within her. She gave a toothy grin as she closed the book and put it upon the toolkit. “Fine, let’s talk about how much you want then…”

With the opening of the market, after much effort of the city workers to clean up the damages in more ways than one, the group was able to sell unwanted items and make some needed purchases.

The next Keeper the party went to investigate was Keeper Myre, who was in charge of the Middenstone factory. He was rumored to have been involved in acts of necromancy but as of yet there was no solid leads to prove it was anything more than stories, of course the party managed to find definitive proof, as well as taking down Myre in the process.

This left Keeper Hyve being the last bit of the puzzle, keeping him alive was the plan but it seems the plan changed after dealing with him in a pool of fungus laden dank water. The party sent him off to Pharasma’s judgement only to hear a commotion above that seems to be getting closer. Although they looked for an alternative escape route there seems to be none other than the slimy water slide they used to get down to the underground pond they are currently occupying.

Not a great place to have a battle. This could be very bad.

Today is: Toilday, 23th of Desnus
Weather: Raining steadily, Stormy
Moon: Last Quarter
The Professor has been dead 78 days.
The Funeral was 61 days ago



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