Poking Dead things With Sticks

Szcarni and Freak Shows and Phase Spiders, OH MY!

Waking after spending the night in the Szcarni camp the party found that Jik was missing. After Jushyn made his usual impression with the Szcarni people, Usas proved that like the god Jik follows she gives 0 fucks and Niri redecorated the wagon and climbed every tree and wagon roof she could, he was located safe if not entirely in the same condition he had left in.

Travel on the road heading towards Courtaud was started a bit later than intended, arrival further delayed when the party came upon a group of side show performers, the Crooked Kin, who had one of their number wander off into a nearby bog and disappear for hours. Everyone agreed to aid them after Kaleb Hesse, the Crooked Kin’s albino ringmaster, spoke with them about the situation.

Jushyn and Nightstorm were able to track Aleece’s tracks although they lost sign of the missing pinhead after it appeared she entered the water at the bogs edge. Shortly after the trail ran dry everyone hear inhuman screams moving through the tall reeds, wary of the mobility issues of tromping through the swampy water they hugged the edge and unfortunately the fight came to them in the form of a hungry and very poisonous phase spider. After some clever maneuvers by the party and a good deal of patience everyone managed to survive and were able to lay the previous victims of the creature to rest as well as return the mangled corpse of Aleece to her kin and companions.

Kaleb was thankful and offered up a magical +1 dagger of Shapechanger Bane, no small token as the party is firmly in the lands of Lozeri and not terribly far from the infamous Shudderwood. He also asked the party to help accompany the troupe of performers as they make their way to Lepidstadt where the notorious Beast of Lepidstadt is rumored to have been finally caught and awaits trial there.

Good job! May the rest of the journey prove less interesting!

Today’s Date: Toilday the 21st day of Gozran, 4711

On the road

Leaving Alteric behind to finish up transferring the Lorrimor property into storage and shipping items to Lepidstadt the party started out on the road leading to Lepidstadt. The journey has been fairly calm so far with the exception of a wild dire wolf being bold enough to try and attack the wagon hoping for an easy meal of horsemeat.

You are currently in the Village of Nathrus, just outside the walls of Tamrivena. After spending the night resting and being entertained by the Sczarni people you shall cross the second small river and be back on your way. If all goes well you should be in Courtaud, a small farming town, in Lozeri by dinner.

Good luck!

Today’s Date: Moonday the 20th day of Gozran, 4711

XP: 475

Leaving Ravengro

Everyone be sure to pick up everything you will need for travel. You are leaving the safety of a warm bed and roof to 3-4 days on the road traveling the 100 miles from Ravengro to Lepidstadt.

Dangers to be wary of, orcs, wolves, bats, bandits and guard patrols around Tamrivena. It’s spring, month of Gozran cool and rainy weather. Dress appropriately and make sure you wear comfy boots!

XP on sheet from last book:10,827


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