Poking Dead things With Sticks

Doesn't anyone knock?


“Just do what you can.” Father Kazar whispered before following the retreating form of Mother Raduva down the hall where the rest of the corpses from the day before awaited their attention. So many pieces, restoring them was time consuming.

As the door closed behind them Lynnica circled the cold stone slabs before starting to strip the bodies and clean them off, sighing to herself at the amount of damage done to them.

“Well, you are both in terrible shape. If I bring people here to see you now you would likely cause more panic than is already running rampant. That isn’t an appealing option.

My choices seem to be 1.Cast restore and gentle repose, wait for someone to miss you and come forward, if there is anyone 2.Cast speak with dead, where if you are less than honest you can lie to me, or 3. Use blood biography find out who you really are and get you prepped for your final rest in record time."

Having made up her mind she began prepping her chosen spells, she would deal with Teadoma’s ire later.

Having retrieved the two cultist corpses, the party left them at the Ossuary Church, along with the burden of identification. They decided to follow up the lead with Crove at the Asylum, but upon arriving found the doors of the large windowless building open, with three patients in straight jackets screaming and writing in the front room. Although helpless and obviously insane Jushyn, Dolgin, Usas and Nasta decided to attack them anyway.

After a few rounds of beating on the patients, 4 staff members showed up, demanding the party to drop their weapons and notified the party they were trespassing. Jushyn kept his hand on his sword, with the injured and spell trapped patients shrieking behind him.

After the party beat the orderlies nearly to death, Jik spared them with his holy gifts.



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