Poking Dead things With Sticks

Finders Keepers.


In the darkness of his safe house Seran carefully handles the scroll case, running through the past 24 hours events and trying to decide what information was the most valuable.

His anger at the loss of those that were entrusted to his care suddenly seizing him he needs to take a moment to regain his composure before unfurling the scroll. He reminds himself silently that they knew the dangers of living so close to the surface. Nothing could be done to change their fate now, at least they died free.

As the last words of the casting leave his lips he gives a short pause before running off what little information he can convey within the constraints of the spell.

“Effigy is headed to Illmarsh. Second cult is an active threat but may be neutralized by possible Society members. I watch and wait, as always.”

He stands in the dark listening to the distant sound of thunder above awaiting Evon’s reply.

After Aegeth made a deal with Seran, Jik obtained healing for Jushyn’s shattered mind and destroyed the haunt that had caused it.

Niri was again allowed to open the locking mechanism on the book. With the assistance of a spell and heavy use of the linguistics skill Jik and Usas were able to decipher a good deal of its contents.

In addition to finding out the cultists seem to have been working on summoning an entity from the Dark Tapestry to commune with it was signed by each of the “Keepers”
Keeper Baskerwhel
Keeper Crove
Keeper Hyve
Keeper Marshan
Keeper Myre

The party quickly made the connection of old man Marshan and Keeper Marshan and, upon reporting to Mayor Heggry, were able to gather that there is a Waldur Crove that runs the local Asylum, the rest of the names are still a mystery.

After some deliberations and a very amusing group vote, they decided to delve back into the catacombs to retrieve the corpses they left behind. If they can find out who they are in relation to the names, the group will then then carry on to Crove’s Asylum to question the man himself about his involvement.



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