Poking Dead things With Sticks



She painted quickly, the brush dancing across the canvas time and time and time again. Always the same face. A memory stolen from her.

She painted him as he was, in life. Not the last vision she had of him, a handful of bitter ashes returned to a grave he had strayed from.

She was never able to tell him how she felt, it wouldn’t have been welcomed by her family, to be close to a human. She was destined to carry on her grandmothers legacy, no half breed spawn would ever be welcomed in Kyonin. She would have brought shame to her family name.

She reveled in the freedom death afforded her. A corpse can shame no one, it is a thing to be mourned…..or feared.

Comidus caught up with the party just in time to convince the orderlies the party were the ones that Waldur Crove was expecting to visit the asylum. They directed them to the lower level and kept clear of their progress for the rest of the evening.

The stairs sadly showed more mistreatment of the patients by the staff, they were chained by the foot top and bottom of the stairwells, in addition after managing to distract and or horrify the criminally insane and make their way down to the dungeon level they found another four with a good deal more maneuverability wielding broken bits of chair and pacing in an area of the hall that had been laid out with some sort of magical effect.

The other end of the hall proved just as unpleasant, a mad derro was carving up patients in some macabre experiment, the party managed to take him down as well as the patients he set against them, but not before one of them attempted to carve off one of Dolgin’s nipples.

Comidus tried to calm the crew in the magic circle, but Usas took things into her own very deadly hands, blasting the area with a ball of flame that killed all but one, calmly asking the others to remove the straggler in the aftermath.

The commotion drew Crove and his eidolon, sending them in to confront the group and recoup the loss of the patients they had intended to keep there for some unknown purpose. Most of the group was captured in a swath of tentacles that erupted from the floor, Jik’s Lady of Graves gifted him with the power to dispel it freeing the party long enough to send Crove to the afterlife.

Incriminating books, notes and witnesses were gathered, including what may be the patient that Seran warned them of. Now to just live long enough to present it and see where else these scattered pieces fit.



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